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Moravial Blog 2015

Written by Phill Battelle, Hannah Cooper, Katie Groves-Bond, Roberta Hoey, Eleanor Hollindrake, Andrew Kitson, Alishbha Khan and Laura Wood.

Moravial is a gathering of Moravians between 18 and 25 from across Europe which takes place every three years. It took place this summer from the 10 to the 18 August near Berlin, Germany.

We would like to take this opportunity to share our week with you.

moravial-diary-day1Day 1

So here we are. Just outside of Berlin in a place called Elstal.

Today we have spent our time getting to know each other. We have 2 people from the Netherlands, 7 Germans, 2 Latvians and 8 British people, and we have all come together as one Moravian family.
We have spent our first day exploring our beautiful surroundings and enjoying (sweating) through the 30°C heat, doing Bible study led by Latvian friends, discussing our theme for the week, learning about Jerusalem, dancing, adventuring and finally playing team camp style games!

Our theme for the week is 'one truth many faces' and we spent the morning discussing 'the truth' (John 8:32) and how we interpret that so differently.

Day 2

Today was also Laura's twentieth Birthday! Despite being far from her home in Latvia, she said she was glad to be here, as for this week, we are her family.

We thought about the true side of the world. Together we considered the horrifying truth that the continents with the most people often had the least money and least stability.

This afternoon we designed our dream houses. Sadly, our dreams were altered as we had to join our houses together to make a community. Compromises had to be made if we were all going to be able to live in the same shared space.

Day 3

Our trip today to Filmpark Babelsberg was quite fitting to our theme. Naturally we did all you would expect of us. We went on rides, shot pirate monsters, ate several ice creams and had a great time just being together. We also had a V.I.P tour of the studios including a trip through the prop and furniture stores and a brief visit to a 'hot' set. They revealed some film- making tricks they use to alter our perception and to make things on screen appear different to how they actually are.

moravial-diary-day4Day 4

Today began with a Bible study from a member of the Dutch contingent.

We watched a short animation about Jan Hus's life and were tasked as teams to create a short drama about one part of it, to present later in the evening.

In the afternoon the temperature was around 35°C and it was decided to take it easy. Some people went to the local petting zoo, the local outlet shopping village, and some stayed and bathed in the sun.

Later in the evening we played out or dramas, but with a twist. Each play was repeated with different genres: detective, western, talk show and opera - which led to some interesting results.

Day 5

Today we visited Potsdam, a beautiful city near Berlin. We took a boat down the river. The beautiful castles, parks and scenery were incredible. We were then given the opportunity to explore Potsdam for ourselves whilst completing a task.

We discussed in groups the meaning of courage, and gave examples of courageous people. We then completed a task where each group had to guide a team member round an obstacle course. This was difficult, as everyone was shouting over one another. We finished by focusing on the voices we should listen to in our lives and wrote down what we want to achieve and what holds us back from being courageous.

Day 6

Our day started off with Holy Communion with our brothers and sisters in the Berlin congregation. The service reflected on the renewal of the Moravian Church through the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in Berthelsdorf on 13th August 1727. Through God's grace and mercy, we can learn from our mistakes and work together to make perfection from imperfection.

moravial-diary-day7After the service we had a guided tour through East Berlin and visited a museum exploring the DDR ( the former East Germany). We gained an insight into the different lives of those torn apart by a split Germany, but they have managed to come together, and come out stronger.
After the tour we had free time to explore the city, checking out sights and sampling the cuisine.

Day 7

Today was the last full day of Moravial. It started with a reflection on all the things we have covered this week, and we filled out a book about what the truths are that we live our lives by, and what truths we have learned this week. We then each presented one page to the group.

During the afternoon we prepared a presentation about out countries as well as some magic tricks. That evening we were treated to a German game show, a brief history of the Moravians in Latvia with some Latvian music, and finally a language lesson by our very own Andrew Kitson among other things. This was followed by an amazing barbeque and dancing.

Day 8

Today was the last morning we all spent together. After breakfast we were asked to give feedback on what we thought our week at Moravial was like.

As you can imagine, not one person had anything negative to say. It was a week filled with deep reflection, fun, tourism and an opportunity to make new connections. We ended the day with some having to leave us at the main station, and the others having lunch together one last time. We all left on a happy but sad note, happy to have met one another with hopes of seeing each other again, and sad because our time together had come to an end.

Our full blog as well as more pictures can be found on the Moravian Youth UK Facebook page.

The British Province pays for the flights of their Moravial delegates and the Continental Province pays towards the running costs as well as travel for their delegates. The delegates have to pay an amount, which varies, to cover accommodation and food.  The continental province may assist  those coming from poorer parts of the continent